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25 February 1983

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alternate realities, androids, art, astronomy, atheism, badly drawn boy, batman, beards, belt buckles, ben templesmith, blackbolt, blood, bonnie and clyde, books, brandon peterson, brendon small, brian posehn, bright eyes, cameras, captain america, carnivale, cemeteries, charlie day, chuck palahniuk, clint eastwood, comic book artists, comic books, creepy places, cronenberg, darren aronofsky, david cross, deadpool, desaparecidos, dexter, drawing, ed brubaker, elliot smith, evangelion, fight club, gabriel ba, galileo galilei, ghost in the shell, giant squid, gore, gorillaz, graphic novels, greg giraldo, gsp, guitar hero on medium, h jon benjamin, harry houdini, heroes, historical fiction, history, horror makeup, horror movies, hr giger, huginn and muninn, hunter s thompson, insomnia, interpol, islam, jack the ripper, james jean, joel mchale, jon stewart, joss whedon, kevin fucking costner, knowledge, lobe stretching, louis ck, louisville, loving lamp, lyoto machida, mad science, marine biology, marvel, mma, modest mouse, movies, mr. show, mythology, neil gaiman, nikola tesla, norse mythology, novels, nph, oblivion, palahniuk, para, patton oswalt, pedro the lion, pencilers, peter chung, photography, pictures, pirates, post apocalyptic worlds, radiohead, reading, requiem for a dream, rob corddry, robots, rockabilly, sea monsters, serial killers, short stories, skeletons, skottie young, space, spray paint, stars, stencils, steve mcniven, super powers, supposed hauntings, swedes, tattoos, tegan and sara, the crusades, the daily show, the inhumans, the knights templar, the maxx, the muppets, the walking dead, the white stripes, thinking, thrifting, time travel, tony moore, trail of dead, ufc, ugly casanova, vaginas, viking history, vintage clothing, violence, wes anderson, westerns, winona ryder, wolverine, world of warcraft, writing, young keifer, zach galifianakis, zombie movies, zombies, zooey deschanel